The Grill: Reg Paul

This week’s Grill subject is PLM Global Management founder and group managing director REG PAUL. His company will shortly celebrate its 30th anniversary.What does your company do?We are in supply...

Maritime History: April 2, looking back at this week 10 years ago.

Move on Ports of Auckland and channel deepening angst in Victoria.

COMPETITION POLICY REVIEW: Ports should be subject to price oversight and regulation

Report echoes industry qualms over conduct of privatisations and their impact on costs.

China Rongsheng announces loss of US$1.3bn to equity holders

Paring of shipbuilding contracts leads to revenue reversal of US$725m.

China Merchants Holdings profits from ports rises 10%

Recent terminal stake acquisitions boost volumes and profits.

Junichiro Ikeda is named president of MOL

Koichi Muto is elevated to chairman.

Hamburg Süd finalises CCNI takeover deal

Brand name to be retained in routes to and from west coast of South America.

Faulty kit scalds engineer’s face 

Injured seafarer on LNG tanker evacuated by helicopter and hospitalised.

COMPETITION POLICY REVIEW: Cheers and boos for Harper liner shipping findings

Competition watchdog is pleased but shipping peak body says it’s “idealism gone mad”.

COMPETITION POLICY REVIEW: Report recommends end to immunity for liner conferences

If this advice is taken up, the face of box shipping will likely change forever.