Industry opinion: On the hook, the hidden victims of congestion

Nobody really thinks about the seafarers whose voyages have been interrupted by the US west coast congestion. Trust me, they have not been having much fun, writes Michael Grey

Many years ago, I spent an unexpected 10 days anchored off the Bar Light Vessel at the mouth of the Mersey, after some sort of labour dispute had closed the port.We had signed on for what we...

THE GRILL: Kent Heazlett

The subject of this week’s Grill is Kent Heazlett of International Cargo Solutions.

MARITIME HISTORY: Direct service to Mexico initiated 15 years ago

Also in the news was water quality in the big river, Queensland premier chasing strategic alliances and Darwin's East Arm wharf opened.

The Mission to Seafarers: Port of Townsville

An introduction to the history and current works of the Queensland port's seafarer charity.

TUGS AND TOWAGE: Naval architect takes on tug boat builds for Australia

Canadian company wins contract to oversee construction of tugs for WA commodity trades.

TUGS AND TOWAGE: Asbestos discovery in newly arrived tugs leads to removal for restoration

Surprise discovery of toxic mineral in wiring leads to change of plans for Svitzer.

TUGS AND TOWAGE: Grounding defies an easy explanation

Tugs show their worth in incident-free refloating of stranded boxship at the port of Fremantle.

Rail research is paramount to strength of supply chain

ALC forum told that export opportunities abound in the field of innovative rail technology

NZ stevedore awarded NZ$25,000 after debilitating accident on boxship

Court fines Ports of Auckland for failing to take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of an employee.

Limits of liability hike – up 30% pending passage of new law

Insurance costs set to rise as IMO decision should soon be reflected in new Federal legislation