Why weight? The clock is ticking

The industry must step up to its responsibilities as a significant amendment to the Solas Convention mandating the verification of gross mass of containers will come into effect next July

There is a common phrase embedded into insurance law that the party presenting the risk must act with “utmost good faith” when communicating information pertaining to a business transaction.The...

More K Line and NYK former executives ensnared in US DOJ ro-ro probe

Bid rigging and price fixing dragnet has already led to guilty pleas and substantial fines

Time is now for Melbourne fast rail solution

From the print edition October 8, 2015

Oakland terminal lands EPA grant

Green initiative will see yard equipment at TraPac facility retrofitted with cleaner diesel technology

US and six Asian nations carry out combined naval exercise

Training launched in Singapore aims to combat the growing number of piracy incidents in the region

Looking back in maritime history, 10 years ago

From the print edition October 8, 2015

The Grill – Ted Van Bronswijk

From the print edition October 8, 2015