LOCAL: ATSB: safety culture failures led to death

An ill-fated decision by a crewman to fish from a ship’s accommodation ladder led to his death, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has found

THE ATSB has released a report into the tragic death of the boatswain (bosun) of the vessel Cape Splendor who was fishing over the side of the ship.According to the report, the incident occurred on...

FREE LOCAL: When is an IATA agent not an IATA agent?

Some air carriers are making life difficult for accredited forwarders

LOCAL: Partial win for unions over Sea Swift

FWC Full Bench orders matter be returned to the original FWC Commissioner

FREE LOCAL: National Transport Commission calls for data

National study to look at suitability of data and how it is shared with policy makers

LOCAL: Melbourne lease deal sought this month

The key players all want a deal done to lease the Port of Melbourne, but the conditions are proving a sticking point

LOCAL: Conflict heralds time of trouble

Accusations are being hurled around regarding who is to blame for some dramatic confrontations within the Australian maritime sector, with suggestions we are almost in the ‘end game’ for the national fleet

OUT & ABOUT PICTURES: Aucklanders return for annual SeePort event

The SeePort festival is an annual celebration of Auckland Port, the shipping industry and Auckland’s maritime heritage


Happy New Year to you... and there’s the door

PIL calls for tougher action to curb exploitation of seafarers

Carrier has adopted strict manning procedures to ensure full compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention